Iryna Mologoko is a highly sought after fashion designer, who is known for her intricate couture techniques and use of European flair in her designs. She specializes in creating high-quality, made-to-measure special occasion garments that are sure to turn heads.


    Iryna has been in the industry for over 15 years and takes pride in providing an exceptional experience to each client. All of her garments are created exclusively in house to ensure quality control and perfect fit. She offers both domestic and international shipping, so you can get your desired garments from anywhere in the world.


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Customers Say...

” I absolutely love the feminine elegance, European chic, and creative play of color, texture and cut weaved into each Iryna Mologoko Couture piece. My personal collection includes a quartz jewelry set, silk flower shoe accessory which converts into a dress pin or a hair fascinator, and a backless stretch silk top. Each item is unique, versatile, precisely constructed and absolutely gorgeous. Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments and the inevitable question “where did you get it?” My biggest fashion dilemma, at present, is – which of the stunning dresses I want to order for my next back-tie event.”

– Bella Trenkova

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    Iryna Mologoko Couture is a clothing brand based in the Washington DC area, specializing in custom-made dresses for women. The brand is known for its elegant and feminine designs, often featuring bold colors and intricate details. Iryna Mologoko Couture's dresses are tailored to the individual's body measurements and designed to accentuate their unique features.

    One of the brand's unique selling points is its focus on sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Iryna Mologoko Couture sources its fabrics from eco-friendly suppliers and works with local artisans and craftsmen to create its garments. The brand also emphasizes the importance of reducing waste and minimizing its environmental impact.

    In terms of brand positioning, Iryna Mologoko Couture occupies a niche in the luxury fashion market that focuses on custom-made dresses for special occasions. The brand's emphasis on sustainability and ethical fashion practices sets it apart from many other luxury fashion brands.

    The brand's commitment to sustainable fashion practices and its unique design aesthetic may give it an advantage in terms of differentiation and customer loyalty.



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